Some of the work which I did for Splinter Cell Blacklist from Ubisoft
Released on
PS3, XBox 360, PC and Wii U

I was a part of Multiplayer Spy Vs Merc team. I worked on the project as Level Artist where I had to work closely with Level Designer and Art Director in order to come up with solutions that both satisfied gameplay and visual aspect in my map, followed by required tech optimization and bug fixes in the end.

First, is a map called Silo which was my "main" assignment. Here I started working with my LD on a basic layout. Did most of architecture / structure modeling from blokout to final, mapping, all the art layout following LD restrictions, did some of the props and some of the textures. I've got a big help from a fellow Modeller and several Texture Artists as well as a Lighting Artist. I also recycled few of the props / textures from SinglePlayer assets to save some time.

Here is one of the on-line matches being played by Wyatt Hertz on this map:

Second one called Virus Vault. I worked on it only partially though, mostly finishing up some of the areas or cleaning up some parts of it. Probably everyone in the art team has touched this map at some point due to quite difficult dev life of the level, filled with constant LD and Art changes. Well, all those changes eventually were for the best, and the map improved a lot with time.
Here I was finishing up some of the structure meshes as well as staging the "terrorist attack mess" in the lobby (props, layout etc.)

Here I passed over most of structure meshes by cleaning and optimizing existing ones and adding some new elements + did some prop layout and polish.

Here is one of the on-line matches being played by Wyatt Hertz on this map:

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